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Street date: April 28th, 2015

Keep The Feel: a legacy of hip-hop soul is Abstract Rude's "non algorithm-formulaic zone album," as he described in the [now playing] above long play intro. It is technically his 2nd solo lp in as many as six years, and if you throw in his 5 classic lps with Tribe Unique prior to those, (give or take a year), then Keep The Feel.... is really Ab Rude's 7th definitive lp in about two decades; though he has remained relevant within indie & underground hip-hop circles all over the globe. On this project Ab returned home to work with producer friends & fellow Project Blowed, Rhymesayers & Living Legends artists that he's recorded & toured with over his extensive career. You hear him having fun & experimenting with styles & channeling abstract melodies. You hear he & his friends recanting their legacy & embracing each other for surviving the game. Production credits include musical mentor Fat Jack, the next LA beat og Mr. Dibiase, Rejuvenation lp producer Vitamin D, Kenny Segal & TeamSupreme, Biz-One, DJ Drez, longtime Australian bandmates Resin Dogs (DJ Katch & Dave Atkins), and overseas sensations DJ Vadim & Chief. Rude's voice & flows are as sharp & creative on this lp as they have been during his stewardship of a soulful hip-hop genre; a genre that he & his original ATU/Mass Men crew helped usher in back in the mid 90's. Guest features include: Aloe Blacc, Aceyalone, Myka 9, Slug of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Josef Leimberg (horn), Pigeon John, Busdriver, Zumbi/Zion-I, The Grouch & Eligh, Blueprint, Open Mike Eagle, Medusa, Maya Jupiter, Psalm One & Mystik Journeymen. Plus many more!

 Ayem-Ray-DIO secret lp. Buy it here.

Released outta nowhere in the winter of 2015 as a springboard for both Abstract Rude & Myka 9's forthcoming solo releases. They kept it on hush til the day of release Feb 13th. Fans have raved about its raw energy and style variances. With smooth production & engineering mostly from their musician & Producer homie Biz-One (The Promise, Power Plant mixtape by FF, Delusions Of Grandeur & 3 songs on Ab Rude's new lp are his resume), and upbeat touches from DJ Drez on a few tracks + DJ Vadim joining for a jam session, the duo of Abbey & Myka whimsically navigated & narrated the soundscape. Its a throwback to them old underground tapes like Project Blowed, and to those days when hip-hop thrived with styles & substance in LA on AM Radio. Guest features include: MC Woes, Aceyalone, Self Jupiter, Phoenix Orion & DJ Rawz ILL Remedy.

The Awful Truth ep. Recorded in the summer of 2010 in Las Vegas with Abstract Rude and Rhymesayers co-founder Musab aka Sab The Artist. That summer they toured to setup this side project ep, but didn't finish it in enough time to release it that year. So they backed away from it, 2 years later refined it, and by the summer of 2013 finally released it on Fifth Element with bonuses + cool features: Slug of Atmosphere,
Toki Wright
, Blueprint, The Grouch & others. Available Now on Fifth Element!
  Buy it here.

Dear Abbey...the lost letters mixtape produced by Vitamin D - it's dope! (These were the songs that missed Rejuvenation.) Mixed by DJ Drez into mixtape form. Available Now on Keep The Feel Ent. The lp features Reggie Watts, Haiku d'etat, Busdriver & Del The Funky Homosapien. Buy it here.

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