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Press Play above to hear: "Keep The Feel intro" by Abstract Rude taken from his new lp on KTF Ent.

"My new album is here yall. I had fun with this record & I returned home to work with some longtime fam & friends. It's a proud legacy."

Street date: April 28th, 2015

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KEEP THE FEEL: a legacy of hip-hop soul

Guest production & features by: Fat Jack, Vitamin D, Biz-One, Mr. Dibiase, Kenny Segal & TeamSupreme, Resin Dogs, Aloe Blacc, Aceyalone, Slug of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Blueprint, Pigeon John, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Medusa, Maya Jupiter, Psalm One, DJ Drez, DJ Vadim, Chief & more!

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Abstract Rude released:

Order Keep The Feel: a legacy of hip-hop soul on itunes here -and- on cd here (released: April 28th, 2015)

Project Blowed compilation original 1995 reissue on itunes cop it here!

AyeM Ray-DIO new secret lp with Ab Rude & Myka 9 + Tshirt/LP bundle

KTF & Ab Rude both have New T-shirts for sale at shows & here on our new merch site!

Mammoth Mission (Woofer Music & Sound ft. Abstract Rude) December 2014

Kan Of Whoop Ass single (KTF Ent.) April 2014

The Awful Truth ep (with Musab) - Fifth Element Online (digi deluxe & limited edition cd) Nov. 2013

Dear Abbey the lost letters Mixtape (KTF Ent.) Nov. 2012

Steel Making Trax: the Export interim disc (KTF Ent.) Feb. 2011

Rejuvenation lp - Rhymesayers Entertainment May 2009

 (l-r) Abstract Rude (the tin man), Arkyve (the scarecrow), Namek (the not so cowardly lion). Screenshot from Namek's "Yellow Brick Road + Represent The Realest" double music video off his forthcoming digi deluxe lp on KTF Ent. Makeup by Muse MUA. Costume Design by Sonia Kifferstein of Radioactive L.A. Directed & shot by Alyson "B. Squid" Bruno. Watch the video here.

What's good Abbey Rizz?

Blessup RudeNation! My new lp is out & the Keep The Feel Future Time Travel Tour popped off.

My 3rd & newest video "Walk Slower Daddy" is out now. Last year's single "Kan Of Whoop Ass" and its music video was the leadoff visual from my new lp (street date: April 28th, 2015) Keep The Feel: a legacy of Hip-Hop Soul. I filmed 5 vids with hella dope features, the 2nd of which "I Lived In A Time" is currently playing on our youtube channel. Myka 9 & I toured in support of both our new solo records (his is called Famous Future Time Travel w/producer Factor) + outta nowhere Myka 9 & me Ab Rude earlier this past Feb. released a secret new lp called AyeM Ray-DIO. 11 songs of wild-styled goodness u can preview & cop here. We added a cool bundle deal with 1 of our 2 tees + the LP download.

My next KEEP THE FEEL Canada TOUR dates are listed here with more to be announced. Other than that, stay tuned for a KTF Ent. Sampler.

Last year my imprint also put out Namek's (of Chamber Records crew) Namifest Destiny lp. Preview & Download it here. Namek is a dope young MC/Producer from the 626 San Gabriel Valley area in Southern California who crafted his newest lp with his own beat production featuring him & various MC friends (some bubbling, some already famous) on rhymes. KTF Ent. dropped his new lp's 2nd single & double music video "Yellow Brick Road/Represent The Realest" & he himself sells physical copies available at all Namek & Chamber Records' shows & mail order! He too has new heat on the bubble with mad shows lined up for 2015.

My dude MC Woes is coming too with a brand new lp Woe Is Me on 6Blocc production + he joined Myka & I on the last Keep The Feel Future Time Travel Tour (Apr.16-May 17) so good things await yr eardrums.

  • Fifth Element released a long overdue collab ep between Abstract Rude & Rhymesayers' co-founder Musab entitled The Awful Truth - January 2013. The ep has 3 bonus songs with 7 main ones making 10 total and features production by newcomer Ganzobean, female vocals by Sab's lil sister Sandy Simmons + MC appearances by friends Slug of Atmosphere, Toki Wright, Blueprint, The Grouch & Highdro. Cop The Awful Truth here. We filmed a video at Soundset for "Plan C" feat. Slug of Atmosphere & Toki Wright. Watch the video here.

Once again if u haven't already u gotta go cop:

On the KTF Ent. front, we are fresh off tour with a bunch of new T-shirts for sale. We've added those to our online merch store at ktfmerch.bigcartel.com.

  • We dropped B.Squid's music video "Squid Hop" produced by Gramatik. Watch the video here. New Squid Hop ep is in production for 2015 release.
  • We dropped Namek's leadoff self-produced single & music video "Just Do It" feat. Abstract Rude & DJ Splice off of his 2014 Namifest Destiny lp. Watch the video here.
Other KTF Ent. noteables:

  • KTF Ent. label sampler feat. the entire roster on solo, group or collaborative songs taken from leaked or forthcoming projects. 2nd quarter release date tba.
  • MC Woes new forthcoming Woe Is Me lp is nearly done. Look for Fall 2015 release.
  •  Jaeda's KTF bandcamp release of her The Journey lp.
  • Reggae & hip-hop Native American artist Mista Chief's music video for "Apocalypto" off of his Nation2Nation lp. Directed by Alyson "B. Squid" Bruno. Watch the video here. Dropping "Holy Meditation" single on him this year. Peep the leak here.
  • Leaked single "Red-I-Flight" Abstract Rude with Lady Socratez & B. Squid. Track Produced by DJ Katch. Watch the behind the scenes performance music video here. Directed by Alyson "B. Squid" Bruno.
  • Joaquin Daniels' 3rd music video for "The Rundown" feat. Abstract Rude, Gel Roc, Awol One & Shames Worthy with cuts by DJ Zole is dope. Taken from his Endure ep produced by DJ Fat Jack. Watch the music video here. Directed by Alyson "B. Squid" Bruno.
  • ILL Remedy compilation album under works presented by Rawz

As for upcoming Abstract Rude releases, I'll be adding leaks to a separate pg u can check out here.

Upcoming Events...

-Thur. July 16th, 2015 in Vancouver, BC
Keep The Feel Canada Tour w/ Abstract Rude @ Alexander Gastown 9p-2a, 19+

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-Fri. July 17th, 2015 in Kelowna, BC
Keep The Feel Canada Tour w/ Abstract Rude @ Habitat 9p-2a, 19+

Fb event pg

-Sat. July 18th, 2015 in Crawford Bay, BC
Keep The Feel Canada Tour w/DJ Rippel @ Starbelly Jam Music Festival July 17-18-19

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Past Events...

-The Lp Release Parties

-Keep The Feel Future Time Travel Tour

-Flow & Tell vol.9

-Freeway To Flow & Tell

-Good Life Reunion

-Project Blowed 20th yr anniversary

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Peep a cool tune below:

"Chasing Dreams" from Ab Rude's last Dear Abbey mixtape lp produced by Vitamin D

Chasing Dreams - Abstract Rude .mp3

Mission Statement

Keep The Feel.


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